International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2015

Archive of Biennial 2006


István Madácsy

Imago Falsa III
100×70 cm
charcoal, 2006

– Grand Prix


István Madácsy

Imago Falsa II
100×70 cm
charcoal, 2006

– Grand Prix


Pawel Frackiewicz

Déja vu I
98×62 cm
pencil, 2006

– The Prize of the Lord Mayor of Pilsen


Jiří Jun
Česká republika

Quest for Matter, Shape and Light
80×60 cm
pen drawing, 2005

– The Prize of President of The Region of Pilsen


Renate Behla

Berenice’s Hair
40×30 cm
brush on oiled paper, 2005

– The Prize of the Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic


Jolanta Wagner

Plan of Place F.
60×84 cm
ink on old tracing paper, 2006

– The Prize of The International Association of Art – Europe


Rigmor Dahlqvist

Witness III
41×29,5 cm
graphite, 2006

– The Prize of Hungarian Association of Graphic Artist


Emma Robertson

The Archaeology of Absence
38,5×58 cm
pencil, 2006

– The Prize of Students of Institute of Art and Design of University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

List of Artists
The Honorary Certificate of the Highest Quality – Short List

  • Jan Forsbergdisplay
    Franz I, pencil, 100,0×69,0 cm, 2005
  • Gyöngyi Galluszdisplay
    It Should Certainly Be Otherwise, graphite, 70,0×99,9 cm, 2006
  • Slawomir Grabowydisplay
    My Fifth Letter to D, self-technique, 70,0×99,9 cm, 2004
  • Zdenka Huškovádisplay
    Record No. 5, drawing, 14,8×21,0 cm, 2006
    Czech Republic
  • Péter Balázs Kovácsdisplay
    Dialogue I, charcoal, 70,0×100,0 cm, 2006
  • Tomáš Krampldisplay
    Workshop, charcoal, 86,0×61,0 cm, 2006
    Czech Republic
  • Marcela Kubíkovádisplay
    Balls of Thread, pencil, 62,5×88,0 cm, 2006
    Czech Republic
  • Bialas Marcindisplay
    Martwi poeci, combined technique, 70,0×100,0 cm, 2004
  • Vladimir Martynovdisplay
    TERAFIM – 429 – SF, pencil, 86,0×61,0 cm, 2005
  • Marianne Ogilviedisplay
    Rising To Be, pencil, 99,5×70,0 cm, 2006
  • Jerzy Rojkowskidisplay
    Parallel Worlds, pencil, 89,7×61,4 cm, 2006
  • Eva Sebökdisplay
    Chains I, charcoal and thread, 70,0×99,9 cm, 2006
  • Kate Seržánedisplay
    A Gobbet II, sepia, 54,8×72,0 cm, 2006
  • Stefan S. Schmidtdisplay
    Monument, pencil, 66,0×96,0 cm, 2006
  • Valéria Sóváradidisplay
    …After…, charcoal, 70,0×99,9 cm, 2006
  • Vojtěch Šedadisplay
    Hallou, ink, 21,0×29,7 cm, 2006
    Czech Republic
  • Miloš Ševčíkdisplay
    Different Ways, charcoal, 82,0×60,0 cm, 2006
    Czech Republic
  • Milica Vergotdisplay
    Shadows of Technology I, combined technique, 45,0×96,0 cm, 2006
  • Klaus Waschkdisplay
    Artists, charcoal, 50,0×65,0 cm, 2004-06
  • Jiří Eliškadisplay
    Self-portrait, pencil, 60,0×40,0 cm, 2003
    Czech Republic

Biennial of Drawing Pilsenwas started on the initiative of the Union of Visual Artists of Pilsen Area in 1996. The first Biennial was announced for artists – citizens of the Czech Republic. Since the second Biennial artists from the whole Central Europe have been taking part in it and so the Central European Biennial of Drawing Pilsen was born. The Biennial is to demonstrate the visual arts culture belonging within Central Europe and its liaison with European culture.

Held under the auspices of Czech Committee for UNESCO and The International Association of Art – EUROPE.

Founders of the Professional Association of Legal Entities The Biennial of Drawing Pilsen

  • The City of Pilsen
  • The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
  • The International Association of Art-Europe
  • The Union of Visual Artists Pilsen

Honorary Board

  • Mgr. Václav Jehlička
    Chairman of the Committee for Education, Research, Culture, Human Rights and Petition of the Senate of the Czech Republic
  • MUDr. Petr Zimmermann
    President of the Pisen Region
  • Ing. Miroslav Kalous
    Lord Mayor of the City of Pilsen
  • Dr. Martin Roman
    Chairman of the Board of Directors ČEZ a.s.
  • Mgr. Martin Baxa
    Member of the Regional Council for Cultural Policy and Historical Welfare
  • JUDr. Marcela Krejsová
    Vice Lord Mayor of the City of Pilsen
  • Ing. Jaroslava Maříková
    Mayor of the City District of Pilsen 3
  • Mons. František Radkovský
    Bishop of Pilsen
  • Doc. Ing. Josef Průša, CSc.
    Chancellor of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
  • Werner Schaub
    President of International Association of Art – Europe
  • Václav Kubát
    Chairman of the Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic
  • András Butak
    President of the Association of Hungarian Graphic Artists
  • Ing. Miloslav Raboch, CSc.
    Executive Director of the Foundation of 700 years of the City Pilsen
  • Doc.akad.sochař Petr Kuthan
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Czech Art Fund Foundation
  • Prof. Miloš Horanský
    Chairman of the Board of the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic


The Professional Association of Legal Entities The Biennial of Drawing Pilsen

General Partner


Media Partners

Art Committee

  • Prof. Akad. Mal. Boris Jirků
    Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Chairman
  • Mgr. Dana Doricová
    Art Historian, Slovak Republic
  • PhDr. Eva Neumannová
    Curator of the North Bohemia Gallery of Visual Art in Litoměřice
  • Doc. Bořivoj Borovský
    The University of Hradec Králové
  • Akad. Mal. Vladivoj Kotyza
    The University of West Bohemia Pilsen

Audit Committee

  • JUDr. Radka Konečná
    Attorneys at Law Konečná-Šafář, Chairwoman
  • Ing. Jindřich Aulický
    Economic Consultant
  • Mgr. Vít Weber
    Executive Vice Chairman, The Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic
  • Ak. mal. Jaroslav Zapletal
    President of the Biennial of Drawing Pilsen
  • Mgr. Gabriela Hájková
    Executive Director of the Biennial of Drawing Pilsen

The Awards

  • Grand Prix – István Madácsy, Maďarsko, Hungary
  • The Prize of the President of The Pilsen Region  – Jiří Jun, Česká republika, Czech Republic
  • The Prize of the Lord Mayor of Pilsen – Pawel Frackiewicz, Polsko, Poland
  • The Prize of The International Association of Art – Europe  – Prof. Jolanta Wagner, Polsko, Poland
  • The Prize of the Hungarian Association of Graphic Artist – Rigmor Dahlqvist, Švédsko, Sweden
  • The Prize of the Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic – Renate Behla, Německo, Germany
  • The Prize of the Students of the Institute of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen – Prof. Emma Robertson, Austrálie, Australia

List of Artists
The Honorary Certificate of the Highest Quality – Short List

Jiří Eliška, Jan Forsberg, Gyöngyi Gallusz, Slawomir Grabowy, Zdenka Hušková, Péter Balázs Kovács, Tomáš Krampl, Marcela Kubíková, Bialas Marcin, Vladimir Martynov, Marianne Ogilvie, Jerzy Rojkowski, Eva Sebök, Kate Seržáne, Stefan S.Schmidt, Valéria Sóváradi, Vojtěch Šeda, Miloš Ševčík, Milica Vergot, Klaus Waschk

International Jury

  • Werner Schaub, Chairman of the Jury, President of IAA Europe, D
  • Prof. Ak. mal. Jitka Svobodová, Academy of Fine Arts Prague, CZ
  • Prof. Jacek Szewczyk, Chancellor of the Academy of Fine Arts Wroclaw, PL
  • PhDr. Jana Potužáková, Director of the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen, CZ
  • Maria Grazia Recanati, Academy of Fine Arts Carrara, I
  • Mikael Kihlman, Swedish printmakers Association, Stockholm, S
  • Loska Lajos, nominated by the Association of Hungarian Graphic Artists, H

Technical Jury

  • Mgr. Petra Makrlíková, The University of West Bohemia Pilsen
  • Ak.mal. Jaroslav Zapletal, The Biennial of Drawing Pilsen
  • Mgr. Gabriela Hájková, The Biennial of Drawing Pilsen

The Biennial of Drawing is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.
Since the first exhibition in 1996, the project has established itself as a significant event of the European cultural scene.

The fact that the jury has been presented with 1,765 works confirms the widespread reputation of the Pilsen Biennial among artists in Europe and overseas.

The large number of the submitted works as well as the surprisingly high quality of most drawings represent the necessary condition for achieving the intended goal, which is to promote this artistic technique – drawing, already described by Leonardo da Vinci as the creation of all artistic innovation.

Therefore, in selecting the drawings the jury attempted not to prefer one style, but to set up an exhibition vividly documenting the variety of contemporary artistic possibilities of expression, yet taking into consideration the representation of the numerous countries involved.

As a result, Pilsen will permanently become a truly international cultural centre owing to the Biennial.

Werner Schaub
President of IAA Europe

An ordinary line drawn by a pencil or a pen – and so many quality art works can be built upon this simple human act. As children, we found it joyful and natural to take up the pencil to express our feelings, to capture the reality around us or simply to experience the pleasure of leaving a visible trace, of creating something and taking hold of the sheet of paper before us. In this respect, I regard drawing as the most basic form of human expression, as the most natural creative act given to us. Someone was given more, someone less, and for those endowed with talent as well as the necessary will to express themselves in this way into their adulthood there is the international festival Biennial of Drawing, now taking place in Pilsen for the fifth time. It is remarkable and encouraging to see how many quality drawings have been collected by the organizers. It is obvious that drawing still plays a unique role in visual art and that this festival is gaining an undisputable place on the map of visual art presentations – even on the international scale, given the participation of artists from various corners of the world in the Biennial.

I am glad that the City of Pilsen and the Pilsen Region can play host to this festival, that they take part in its support and, last but not least, that they represent its spiritual as well as organizational home. Needless to say, the festival also contibutes to their good name.

The Pilsen Region also lends significant support to the presentation of the Biennial of Drawing outside the limits of Pilsen and the region, in the form of travelling exhibitions across Europe – Warsaw, Sopron, Brussels, Bergamo — with presentations planned in more European cities in the years to come. The Biennial of Drawing thus actively spreads the good reputation of Pilsen and the Pilsen Region as culture-friendly places.

I wish the authors of the exhibited drawings every success in their future careers. I also thank the organizers for their demanding work and, with respect to myself, I can only add, ‚I wish I could draw…‘

MUDr. Petr Zimmermann
President of the Pilsen Region

The fifth year of the International Biennial of Drawing in Pilsen represents a small jubilee. The competition came into existence, established its focus, asserted its face and attracted interest. This year’s event has seen 442 applicants from 41 countries.

The Biennial is dedicated to monochrome drawing up to the 100x70cm format, i.e. classical in technique yet not in ideas and expression. It maps the contemporary face of the discipline in a broad generational and creative scope. The oldest author in this year’s collection selected by the international jury was born in 1925, the youngest in 1985. The collection consists of works by 130 artists from 29 countries of four continents.

The works prove how much the world has changed and how close together it has grown. Although the works from some countries have more distinct features, the drawings share similar messages and views, both from the human and artistic standpoint. They manifest themselves in several lines of content. They cut across generations of the exhibiting authors, gaining a variety of evolutionary characteristics.

The expressive figural and figurative compositions of the human world and the landscape drawings are filled with being, sometimes with an existential sentiment. In the works of other authors they continue with hyperrealism and photorealism. In some authors they display neo-conceptual thinking with a more marked sophisticatedness of reality. At the same time, there prevails a meditative and narrative experiencing of themes, an illustrative development of the story, including even comic-style depiction. The drawings working with a distinct contrast of light and shadow bring a magical effect of the reality and materiality, signs and symbols, the overlapping of the present and the past, the silence of loneliness. Surreal tendencies are almost an exception.

Many authors dealing with the theme of landscape do not portray it, but view it with inner vision. In the poetic, ephemeral and fragile depiction they express the atmosphere of an experience, a feeling and a memory, sometimes in an abstract way. Some authors have put forward their landscape and urbanistic visions.

The collection as a whole contains drawings as an independent ultimate goal of creation. Spontaneous records or sketches of the reality are almost not encountered. In the choice of techniques there prevails charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink; the less common techniques include sepia, colour pencils, paints. There also appear their combinations. The artists work with a brush, a pen, they use the techniques of waterbrusch, spreading and collage.

The exhibited drawings confirm the breadth of possibilities and the expressive richness of the classical drawing techniques and the chosen monochrome drawing – its original values and place in the context of visual art, its constant attractiveness for the creators and, we believe, also for the visitors of the Biennial.

Dana Doricová
Commissary of the Biennial Exhibition

V. International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2006 participated in by 442 artists who have submitted 1765 drawings.

Besides visual artists from the Czech Republic they included artists from the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mauritius, Montenegro, Norway, Panama, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States of America.

The session of the Jury was opened by the President of the Biennial Jaroslav Zapletal on the morning of 12 July 2006. Werner Schaub from Germany was elected Chairman of the Jury. The seven-member Jury was also working on 13 July and finished its work on 14 July 2006.

The Jury awarded the GRAND PRIX of the V. International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2006. In addition, 20 artists were awarded the Short List – the Honorary Certificate of the Highest Quality.

Another six prizes were awarded by the representatives of the Pilsen Region, the City of Pilsen, the International Association of Visual Artists – Europe, the Hungarian Association of Graphic Artists, the Union of Czech Visual Artists and the students of the Institute of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

222 drawings by 130 artists were selected for exhibition.

The glass sculpture for the Grand Prix holder was designed by the sculptor Bohumil Eliáš and created by Bohumil Eliáš jr. The Prize of the Lord Mayor of Pilsen City and the Prize of the Prezident of Pilsen Region were designed and created by the sculptor Ludvík Kovář.

Exhibition Halls

  • Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen
    Kopeckého sady 2, Plzeň
  • Exhibition Hall „13“ Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen
    Pražská 13, Plzeň
  • Jiří Trnka Gallery
    nám. Republiky 40, Plzeň
  • University Gallery
    Jungmannova 2, Plzeň

The Organisers would like to thank those who have participated in the realization of this year´s Biennial:

  • Commissary of the Exhibition
    Mgr. Dana Doricová
  • The Prizes for the awarded artists were made by the glassmakers:
    Akad. Soch. Bohumil Eliáš, Bohumil Eliáš ml., Akad. mal. Ludvík Kovář
  • Design of logo, invitation card, catalogue, poster and leavelet:
    Miloš Hausner
  • Mg. A. Václav Hynčík, Photographer
  • Renáta Oplová
    Economic Adviser
  • Michal Darebný
    Technical Support
  • Mgr. Alice Tihelková
    translation and interpreting
  • Zita Chocová
    administrative work

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