International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2015

Archive of Biennial 2015

15. 10. – 29. 11. 2015

jiný pohled

This autumn, the Biennial of Drawing is preparing a unique retrospective exhibition as part of the project Pilsen – European Capital of Culture. The exhibition, called A Different Perspective, will present the artwork of all the laureates of the Biennial of Drawing Pilsen in the years 1996 – 2014. The exhibition will be held from 15 October 2015 to 29 November 2015 at three exhibition venues: City of Pilsen Gallery, Jiří Trnka Gallery and the Museum of West Bohemia. And it will feature more than just drawings: almost two hundred works will also be on display by sixty-seven visual artists of four continents and seventeen countries; not only from Europe but also from Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia. The visitors will see an exhibition collection comprising drawings, paintings and graphic works. There are several things that the exhibition will simultaneously make possible. Looking back into the past, evaluating the development of art and artistic approaches of the individual laureates, with both their earlier and later works being displayed, including works from other fields of art than drawing. And, indirectly, by observing its development, it will be possible to anticipate how artistic work can unfold in the future. By comparison with other art trends, the exhibition also seeks to define the meaning and place of monochrome drawing on the entire scale of art. This is why the exhibition bears the title A Different Perspective. The visitors will be able to see the artists in a new, different light. Not only through their works, as in the Biennial. The exhibition aims to introduce the public to the artists’ personalities and to visual art on a wider scale and in the horizon of the past twenty years. An extensive catalogue will be published on the occasion of the exhibition, introducing the history of the Biennial of Drawing, the exhibition itself and the artists and containing the reproductions of the works exhibited. At the time of the exhibition, an annual European and world convention of IAA, the International Association of Art, will be held in Pilsen. “The collection of the planned autumn exhibition is intended exclusively for Pilsen; it will not be presented anywhere else. The exhibition of the laureates will be a true culmination of the almost twenty years of activity and cooperation of the Biennial of Drawing Pilsen with Czech and foreign partners,” says Gabriela Darebná, the Biennial’s Executive Director.

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